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Starter homes that can be found for less than $230,000

15 major U.S. cities where starter homes can be found for less than $230,000

As home prices continue to rise, a starter home in a major city might seem more like a myth than a reality.

However, there are 15 major U.S. cities where starter homes can be found for under $230,000, on average, according to a recent analysis by painting services company Five Star Painting. That’s far less than $431,000 — the median price for a home in the U.S., according to the most recent U.S. Census Bureau data.

Starter homes commonly refer to relatively modest houses that are affordable for first-time homebuyers, or more generally, homebuyers with lower incomes. In this context, the study defines a starter home as a single-family home, townhouse or condo that is 1,850 square feet or less. Mobile homes, land lots and multi-family home listings were excluded.

Assuming a 10% down payment, buyers would need incomes around $56,500, excluding other debts, to afford a $230,000 home, according to online realtor Zillow’s affordability calculator. Of course, home prices vary by region, so buyers earning less than that could potentially afford a starter home in certain places.

Based on Redfin real estate listings of the 50 largest U.S. cities, the following 15 markets had the lowest average starter home price, as of August 2023.

  1. Detroit: $83,500
  2. Cleveland: $109,650
  3. Memphis, Tennessee: $142,450
  4. Milwaukee: $142,900
  5. St. Louis: $149,500
  6. Hartford, Connecticut: $164,474
  7. Birmingham, Alabama: $166,055
  8. Buffalo, New York: $179,900
  9. Kansas City, Missouri: $187,950
  10. Louisville, Kentucky: $199,615
  11. Baltimore: $202,289
  12. Indianapolis: $211,517
  13. Pittsburgh: $214,589
  14. Cincinnati, Ohio: $219,900

  15. Oklahoma City: $227,705

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